Information for ACYFLS Exhibitors such as Ambassador Program, Ethics, On-Line Entries, Recordbooks, Rules, etc.


Check out our on-line entry system for all Livestock exhibitor entries.  With this system, you can complete and submit your entry form, upload necessary forms, and pay entry fees on-line, and upload your photos for the Market Animal Sale.

https://alachua.fairwire.com - Directions for the photos are on the Welcome Page for On-Line Entries.
Emergency Card (fillable pdf)

If you have any questions, please contact acyfls@gmail.com or text 352-339-3050 (Pam Carter).

2022 Rules

2022 Rules -Revised 10/26/2021 to include updated Dairy Goat Rules 

2022 Non-Livestock Rule Book

2022 ACYFLS 4-H/FFA Beef Heifer/Bull Lease Agreement (on-line fillable form - but needs to be printed off for signature purposes)

2022 Schedule and Important Dates

2022 Schedule

2021-2022 Important Dates


Ethics Information


ATT All ACYFLS Livestock Exhibitors:  Please see the following info concerning recordbooks for the 2022 ACYFLS Fair.  YOu must turn in a recordbook for each division you are showing in (market animals, poultry, rabbit, breeding goat, dairy goat, breeding beef).  

General recordbooks (breeding animals, rabbits and poultry): You may turn your completed recordbooks in early this year for an additional 5 points extra credit.  Books must be turned in to the Extension Office dropbox the week of February 7th-11th, 2022.  Arrangements will also be made with 4-H Leaders and FFA Advisors if they would like to collect completed recordbooks and meet at a designated time and place at the end of that week.

If recordbooks are not turned in early, they must be turned in BEFORE the Exhibitors' meeting on Friday, March 4th, 20222.

Questions on the Market Animal Recordbook or Breeding Animal Recordbook, please contact Recordbook Chair Rebecca Roland by text at 352-258-6674 or by email to rebeccamroland@yahoo.com.

Show Animal Insurance

Did you know that you can purchase Show Animal Insurance?  Check with your local insurance agency for more information.